A Soulful Christmas Benefit Concert & Dance

10 12 2013
Benefit for The Maui Farm

Benefit for The Maui Farm


15 05 2013

Dr. DreamingBear Baraka (Nature’s Poet Laureate). JAZZ, ART, POETRY, LIBATIONS, A Beautiful Maui Sunset and YOU, Living In The Moment On A Sunday Afternoon! Ahhhhhhh……..

Word of the week “EGO”

18 03 2013


The W.O.W. Factor (word of the week) in the OmZone this week is “EGO”

Now that’s a touchy subject. I like to say the acronym for ego is EASING GOD OUT!  So often we think of the ego as our enemy and that’s just not so in my book. Now there is a thin line between love and hate as well as self love and self promotion. When you look up the definition of ego you will also see; I, self, self esteem, self image, self importance and other such terms. This is good, however when we start to magnify self with terms like egotism, defensive, conceited, guilt, selfish and anxiety we may start to feel imbalanced. The ego is actually your partner, your backbone to make sure people don’t just run over you and should be utilized as a servant to your needs and desires. You never want to be led by your ego, that’s not good. Imagine the ego driving the car and you in the back seat. What a ride that would be, can you say demolition derby boys and girls. lol  But rather, let’s be led by the spirit and have our ego ride shotgun. There will be a lot less casualties for sure and you’ll probably find yourself with more people wanting to be around you as well.