The W.O.W. Factor this week is “ENERGY”

17 04 2013

The W.O.W. Factor this week is “ENERGY”
Aloha, we are totally surrounded by the vibration of energy whether you can see it or not, feel it or not, believe it or not. There is dark energy and bright energy, or toxic and clear energy. Do you know the difference between them? Examples of dark toxic energy would be; anxiety, worry, complaining, stress, fear etc. Examples of bright clear energy would be; joy, peace, fun, laughter, kindness and the likes.
We have a choice each day to just BE! To choose and be all of whatever we decide to be. I admonish you to choose high energy instead of a low frequency then see, feel and hear the difference it makes in your life. If you’re not feeling how you would like today, raise your vibration and elevate your thoughts to what you prefer. When you do it’s like flipping the switch, so let your light shine bright and you make the choice. Respect!



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